Achilles - ARD-730

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The exciting new 7.3 meter ARD-730 RIB features a daring deep V hull designed to slice through waves at a high speed while maintaining outstanding performance and stability. The tubes provide additional stability and shock mitigation in high seas situations.

The ARD-730 is an excellent high speed rescue boat as well as a reliable utility boat capable of transporting people and gear across almost any sea conditions. Initially designed for Government and Commercial applications, the Achilles ARD730 is also very suitable for recreational use.

The ARD is delivered to dealers in a very basic configuration that allows the end user to customize and accessorize the boat in a way that suits their particular need or purpose. Power can be supplied by a single 150 HP motor, or can accommodate twin engines up to a combined maximum total of 300 HP. The ARD-730 brings a new standard of performance to open ocean rescue and commercial uses.